on 21 Februari 2018
  • Message of the Director

The Late Mr Zuhri and I once had a casual conversation several years ago, he told me like this, "Didin, there will be a moment when you realize two things, first is that you are educating your students while you have no time to educate your own children at home. Second, you are going to realize that you are working at a very prestitious school 'Athirah' that you can't afford it for your children (you cannot pay the school fee, moreover, if you have more than one child). But i am interested in the first issue, because the second issue is another interesting topic next time. Lol.

I suddently remembered that small talk when i joined the recalling session of AEP 2 this afternoon. Many teachers who joined the program expressed their feeling about being a not-fully mor or dad for their children at home. Some of them hired baby sitters to look after their sons and daughters. It's an irony, yet a hard reality.

How much time we spend at our office? 7 hours? 8 hours? 9 hours? or may be 10 hours a day from monday to friday. Then, how much time we spend with our family at home, especially with our child(ren)?

We all need a job for living, including feed our family so we cannot blame our working place/company for that circumstances, it is a normal consequence for being a career person.

So we need to take appropriate and effective actions for that, we have to do something matter about the situation. We cannot avoid of being away from them let say from 6 a.m. in the morning until 6 p.m or 7 p.m in the evening, but we can do something rather than just complaining or regretting. 

Being present is one solution that we can take. Being real at the right time when we are with our children. We choose/prefer to talk to them, listen to their stories rather than watching TV or being busy with our cellphone. For me that's the point. We can tell them as well about our job and why we have to work for the family. Cause, may be it a clise, but still the quality of the togetherness is more important than the quantity.

Well, one thing to be gratefull about is that we have at least we have 2 days off in a week (if there is no training or kind of on weekend, hehehee). It is an option, you spend it holding up your smart phone and TV remote or holding up your family doing some-fun activity. I personally cook for my family at weekends or accompaning my daughter to see pictures on books that i borrowed from school library.

More than that, be gratefull that you have a job, and a family to grow, that whatever the situation we faced to day, we always have a change to face it better. 

 Athirah Kajol, 20th Feb. 2018 

Before going home. Am I late being there? I hope no. Hehehe.