on 01 Maret 2019
  • Berita
  • SMA Kajaolalido

Let’s talk about COMPETITION. What is  Competititon? Why should it be held? How does it works? So, competition is who wins they got it. It means who can win they will be get appreciate and many others. And then should be held because we can quantify student’s ability. And it works from yourself especially your brain of course. Who wouldn’t know? All of people this world must be know about it. It’s impossible if someone don’t know about this. I am totally sure all of people this world so clever and very smart but only lucky people can get the trophy but importantly, we can find new experience in our life. But before we do the competition we have to be hardworker. Because if you want to join it there are many people also joined.

Just recently, the Islamic University of Makassar has made a competition of Speech, Presenter and many more. We sent 2 students to the competition and luckily both of them made it out and bring home a trophy each. Andi Fahirah Aini won the 1st place in the speech competition and Ratri Chaidir took the 3rd place on the presenter one. We are so thankful to all of our teacher because they have fighten for us to try,teach us to be smart student. 

“We hope don’t stop fighting and never give up. Do the best for yourself and your school.” (NSA)